Here and Now
Uncovering the complex reality.

Interdisciplinary conference on User Experience research and humanity centered design celebrates its’ 10th edition.

Despite the growing amount of excellent modeling and planning tools, or data analysis possibilities, we still concentrate minimum of our attention on the current moment. How can we design for the future if we don’t understand the present? Yes, the same present, that is so crucial for our plans and designs. 

Right combination of science, technology, art and culture could helps us face social challenges of the present and the future. The fear of unfortunate chain of events probably has never been in such a close distance in the whole history of humankind, as it is today. 

The way to solve the biggest global problems is acting Here and Now. 

Precise definition of current state (AS IS) often is far more difficult than designing and planning the state of the future (TO BE).

This year at WUD Silesia we invite you to explore methods and tools that enables thorough analysis and evaluation of the current state. Presented ideas could support efficient acting and allow more precise forecasting, planning and designing the future – the one we want for us and for the generations to come.

Our Audience

We invite everyone that relates to broadly defined design: UX designers, IT professionals, business analysts, creatives, scientists, researchers, public institutions and NGO representatives, as well as, university and high school students preparing for the entrance to the job market.

Why it is worth to participate? 

WUD Silesia is an educational event. We invite Polish and international speakers; experts and professionals in their field. Our line-up – workshops and lectures – is carefully prepared to inspire, to become an impulse for deep reflection and skills set development. Conference participants have an opportunity to encounter new ideas, test and try in practice new design, strategic and research methods. It is also an engaging open space for interactions with others, encouraged by artistic means created by our Fun & Art team.

WUD Silesia in numbers

  • 9
    successful editions behind us
  • 180+
    international speakers
  • 2800+
    unique participants
  • Endless valuable conversations and ideas